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    Today’s Sunday Superwoman Spotlight is showcasing a true warrior woman. They say she’s Amazonian but we all know where she gets her spirit from.

    Name: Nu’Bia/Nubia

    Alias: Wonder Woman

    Origin: Themyscira, Nu’Bia is an Amazonian

    Created By: (Nubia) Robert Kanigher and Don Heck/ (Nu’Bia) Doselle Young and Brian Denham

    Publisher: DC Comics

    First Appearance: (Nubia) Wonder Woman vol. 1 #204 (January 1973)/ (Nu’Bia) Wonder Woman vol. 2 Annual #8 (1999)

    Biography/Story Line: Formed from clay as a twin to Diana (Wonder Woman), the dark skinned Nubia was kidnapped by Mars, who raised her, controlling her mind so that she would help him bring down the Amazons.

    After a session in the Amazon Memory banks, Diana is confronted by an armored female warrior who challenges her to single combat. The two initially wrestle, then face each other with swords. Diana and the intruder seem evenly matched until the intruder knocks the sword from Diana’s hands, and then hesitates to kill her, giving Diana the chance to wrestle her to a draw.

    The stranger declares “I am Nubia!”, then she and Diana embrace. Queen Hippolyta wonders if this was the same Nubia who was to be raised as Diana’s sister.

    Nubia leaves the Amazons and returns to her mist concealed Floating Island (named Slaughter Island by Mars). She tells Diana that they will meet again and one of them will be proven the true Wonder Woman. She eventually does return, and reiterates her claim to the title of Wonder Woman. Hippolyta tells her, “Aye, Nubia, that is the law. Anyone may challenge my daughter’s right to that title. Until then may I wish that you find favor in wise Hera’s eyes as you already have in mine?” Later on she puts down a challenge to her rule by one of the male warriors of Slaughter Island, she defeats the man but lets him live, stating that “A woman doesn’t destroy life, she cherishes it!”. 

    The next appearance of Nubia came in Supergirl (vol. 1 #9) December (1973) written by Robert Kanigher. In the story Supergirl is made an honorary Amazon. Later when it is discovered that Nubia is suffering from a mutated shark poisoning, Hippolyta sends Kara to retrieve a rare root needed to cure her.

    In Super Friends #25 October (1979), Wonder Woman, who is temporarily under the control of the evil Overlord, is seen attempting to liberate the oppressed women of the African continent. She tells them that men still treat women as if they were possessions and it’s time for women to stand up to men, with Wonder Woman as leader. But Diana is interrupted by Nubia. Nubia tells her to back off and they fight, eventually the Overlord is defeated and they part as friends.

    Sometime after Crisis a new version of Nubia, now called Nu’Bia, was introduced. When Nu’Bia first meets Diana, she mistakenly calls Diana by the name of her former queen “Antiope”. Nu’Bia is only slightly surprised to discover that Diana is Antiope’s niece. The woman identifies herself to Diana as Nu’Bia and says that she was a Themyscirian Amazon who won the “Tournament of Grace and Wonder” just as Diana previously had, and become the Amazons’ first champion. Her assigned mission was to guard “Doom’s Doorway”, which is an entrance to the river Styx and the Tartarus Gate on Themyscira. Entering Doom’s Doorway she was to guard the entryway from the inside, stopping anyone from entering or any creature from escaping. As Diana was never told of Nu’Bia it is assumed that the Themyscirian Amazons assumed she perished during her mission long before Diana’s birth. Sometime during her time in Hell, Nu’bia explains she met the Zoroastrian god of light, Ahura Mazda, and became his lover. She also explains that on another adventure where she aided Gorgons, she was given the ability called Cold Sight which allows her to transform any living being into stone as a gift of gratitude from the Gorgons. After aiding Wonder Woman with her mission Nu’Bia then returns to the underworld to see Ahura Mazda.

    The next time Nu’Bia is shown, an elevator in a Las Vegas hotel suddenly manifests a golden metal lion insignia. When Diana investigates this strange occurrence, Nu’Bia steps out of the elevator. She says, “Many leagues from the kingdom of light have I traveled. Through the province of Nox and the territory of shades have I hunted the demon-king Ahriman. Finally, to track him here, to Patriarch’s World… to my ancient faraway home. How passing strange it is then, Princess, that I should find you here, as well.”

    The demon Ahriman murdered Ahura Mazda, and carved his heart from his body. Nu’Bia has come back to earth in search of Ahriman, hoping that she can retrieve the heart and revive her lover. The last we see of Nu’Bia, she has Ahriman in her possession and rides an elevator back to Hades to revive her beloved.

    Powers/Skills: All the powers possessed by Amazonians such as Wonder Woman, 3000 years of combat experience (Greek and African), Can open dimensional portals, Granted Gorgon sight (can turn people into stone), Possesses a magical sword that has the power to render Wonder Woman’s lasso useless. Can revive her body by composing it with the earth’s soil.

    Sep 1, 2012

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