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Neil deGrasse Tyson on reality, research and reason.


    Neil deGrasse Tyson on reality, research and reason.

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    Art of Transliness: The Ohio University Gender Project Needs Your Help! →

    Ohio University graduate student Milo Wilson is seeking our community’s assistance with an anonymous research project to help better understand how different social and interpersonal experiences impact the coping and mental health of transgender and cisgender (those whose assigned birth sex is…

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    Personal Update + [3ww]

    It is with some trepidation that I’m beginning to delve into researching for Third Wave What. 3WW will be my first feature-length documentary (or anything) about feminism. Feminism today, its roots, the schisms, first wavers, second wavers, and the products of these waves: male, female, and trans*. 3WW will include what those products think today and how they’re keeping feminist discourse and activism alive or why they’re wholly abstaining from it. I don’t want to just scratch the surface or present drawn-out narratives about the feminism of yesteryear. I want to pay homage to it, by letting those in the know contribute to the body of knowledge to be gleaned through this film for future generations and for us. And I want my generation to talk about their feminism (or lack thereof) in the now, so that we know how to better connect with the future generations fighting for equality between the sexes.

    Right now I’m in the intel-collecting phase. Making sure I’m orienting myself with the powerful feminism and intersectionality blogs and vlogs of today and the personalities behind them. This also includes getting acquainted with their work, compiling notes, and it also means looking in books (those dusty things) for some gems that I won’t find on the webz. 

    I’m thinking a bit to the future on how to do this logistically. Multiple flights? Rent a van during one of my two-three week breaks from school, fill it up with my gear and my 1AD and hit the road?

    I still have an audio project, and two news packages to shoot/do, so I should hop on those. Doubt I’ll be filming at 2:34 am, so maybe just get more planning for that done.


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