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  • Thoughts: Future Kids

    Postmodernism says that everything’s already been thought, done, whatever. Then there’s the quote that “Good artists copy. Great artists steal.”

    With that in mind, reblogging and retweeting seem to be a huge part of the natural evolution of social media. As evidenced by the scores of Tumblrs with no original posts and the bot-like Twitter accounts that only retweet others, you can have an entire body of work (for lack of a better word) where none of it is your own.

    Will this be the norm for the next generation of kids and beyond? Will academics come to accept this on some level? Will it be accepted, and then their be a backlash, with a return to academia and original work? I’m not sure what the implication of this social media landscape will be, when we already have students handing in essays using text lingo.

    Is this a valid thing to think about, or is this me navel gazing at my finest?

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